Life Surgical specializes in the distribution of products for Neurosurgical and Orthopedic Spine procedures. Since its inception in 2006, Life Surgical has aligned itself selectively and specifically with respected companies in the surgical arena. Life Surgical has quickly earned a reputation in the medical community for providing high-quality, innovative surgical devices and unsurpassed customer service through our highly trained on-site surgical sales team. As a result Life Surgical's mission is to:

Provide high-quality, innovative surgical devices and equipment that best meet current clinical
Provide highly trained and certified sales professionals that represent Life Surgical's products lines outside and within the surgical arena.
Provide unsurpassed customer service through on-site presentations, prompt quotation system and medical device knowledge.
Develop client driven relationships with healthcare providers so that Life Surgical can assist in improving the health and well-being of the surgical recipient.

Life Surgical continues to welcome the opportunity to represent good synergistic product offerings outside of its current product portfolio.


Neurosurgical Division - Aesculap is the world’s largest surgical instrument manufacturer.  In addition to specializing in high-grade German instrumentation, Aesculap also offers brand new technologies such as the Bone Scalpel and Pneumatic Kerrison and time-tested neurosurgical solutions including power systems, aneurysm clips, ultrasonic aspiration, neuroendoscopy, cranial fixation, and operating room disposables.

Neurosurgical Division -
Collagen Matrix, Inc. is the leader in the design and engineering of collagen and mineral-based extracellular matrices for tissue and organ repair and regeneration. The Company currently offers an onlay dura substitute and a suturable dura substitute made of pure collagen.  These products are used for the closing of the dura in both orthopedic-spine surgery and neurosurgery.

Neurosurgical Division -
Products For Medicine manufactures a complete line of Fiberoptic Light Sources and Surgical Headlights including the powerful WhiteSun 300-Watt Xenon Light Source, WhiteStar 175-Watt Xenon Light Source, and a variety of others suited to meet your illumination requirements and budget.

Spine Implant DivisionAesculap Implant Systems offering a full Line of spinal implants including osteobiologics, interbody fusion devices and instrumentation for cervical, anterior thoracolumbar and posterior spine. Products include ABC2 Cervical Plates, S4 Cervical and Lumbar Pedicle Screws, MACS TL, PEEK, Bone and DBM."

Spine Implant Division
Novabone - Representing silicate synthetic bone putty and bone morsels and particulate to both the neurosurgeon and orthopedic surgeons performing spine cases.

Spine Implant DivisionSpinal Elements – offering a full line of Peek Interbody Systems including Stand-Alone Interbody options and a controlled delivery system for implantation. Products also include a static plate and pedicle screw system as well as biologics.


Life Surgical is always looking for qualified sales professionals and support staff. If you are interested in a career in medical sales, please send your resume and cover letter to:

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